It will be like entering another world, designed to awaken the equilibrium of mind and body.
Sauna, turkish bath, experience showers and Whirlpool bath. These are the experiences offered by our spa
The entrance is completely free for guests of the relais

Finnish sauna with a temperature of about 90 ° and humidity between 10% and 30%. Ideal place to eliminate toxins and relax the muscles after a day of sport

Turkish bath
Invented by the Romans and made famous by the Turks, the bath is heated at about 45°C by steam enriched with scents of eucalyptus or citrus fruit, and has a humidity of 100%. This bath is perfect to clear up your airways.

Emotional showers
Jets of hot and cold water combined with variations in colour will relax your body, gifting you with pleasant sensations.

Whirlpool bath
The temperature is around 32 °, to permit a lowering of the body temperature. The exchange between hot / cold is ideal to stimulate the circulation.

Relaxation room with "tisaneria "
Always ready to rehydrate your body, relaxing with music or reading a book.
The use of the swimsuit is not recommended in the wellness center, because if it exposed to high temperatures may release toxic substances as well as prevent a free blood circulation.
The entrance for children under 14 years is allowed only if experienced and accompanied by an adult. You can book a relaxing massage, performed by expert hands.

There are so many thing to do and explore in Valsesia

All sports related to the snow and the mountain: Downhill, Cross-country skiing, Snowboarding, alpine skiing, Free ride, Heli-skiing, Ice Skating and the unique experiences such as the adrenaline "Driving on ice" in the Ice Rosa Ring.


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