A must to visit for those who love sports, nature, traditions and cuisine are Riva Valdobbia and Alagna: two small Walser communities at the foot of Monte Rosa and Valsesia, with unique environmental characteristics.

Valle Vogna, which is accessed by climbing from Riva Valdobbia, still today retains the oldest evidence of these populations, where nature is a unique and authentic experience.

The most real and effective way to discover life and habits of Walser population, indefatigable Germanic settlers, is the possibility of infinite and relaxing walks: the valley is dotted with pastures, ponds and lodges; nice homes of small villages, old bread ovens, churches, fountains. In summer you can find the young shepherds who lead cows and goats to graze at high altitudes, keeping alive the tradition over time.
Warm colors that surround autumn, winter snow and meadows awakening in Spring, with a unique variety of flowers and herbs, invite contemplation of the landscape, listening to the sound of water streams, meditation in fragrant resin that emanates with the warmth of the sun .... Step by step up the trails, see and hear the deers, breathe fresh and clean air, enjoy a breathtaking view from any perspectives....listen to silence ...
Staying in lodges to enjoy the simple life ... We guarantee you will come back to your everyday life with stories to tell and an new excitement in your heart. Do not miss our typical products: the miacce waffles, game, polenta, Toma cheese, milk, honey.
Excellent wine: Gattinara, Nebbiolo, grappa and spirits that can be found in our Relais, supplied directly by the producers of the area.

We are available for advice and itineraries ... we have made experience for you, to please and make your stay always special. .


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